Hey guys, so a little update. The "First" button is broken, and I have been unable to fix it.  So, here is PAGE 1 !
UPDATE: Explanation for the radio silence

 The answer is that 2017 was a very complicated and busy year! 

In that year I moved 5 times (most recently across states to LA area). I’ve also had a bunch of different jobs with all the moving along with freelancing, boothing at conventions, taking supplemental art classes, and doing other projects, all of that has taken a toll on me and my mental energy to work on this comic in the mean time. 

And if I'm being entirely transparent, another reason for my lethargy when it comes to working on this comic stems from my general dissatisfaction with my earlier (and also recent) work on it. There's a lot of things I would like to change and redo. HOWEVER!!! I know if I kept restarting it every time I got discouraged, I’d never get ANYWHERE. So here’s to trucking on!!! Expect a LOT of progress, a few changes, and cool things in the future. 😎

So thank you everyone for understanding and sticking around. You make my world go round! 😚

GEM is a webcomic created entirely by Jamie Woolley. 
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